Manor Board
Kim Wolken - President
Melissa Tarr
Joan Alexander
Traci Ober
Jamie Norris

Tree Board
Jason Smith
Larry Petersen
Brent Moeller

Housing Board
Keith Nelson - President
Christina Cambre
Gene Thomsen
Traci Ober
Brian Schlote
Zoning Board
Shelly Sellin
Wim de Boeck
Chad Schumacher- President
Jason Halvorsen
Brian Bowman

Library Board
Jody Viterna
Sarah Doty
Bernice Yilk
Valerie Tarr - President
Nancy Naprstek

LB840 Committee
Kevin Lingenfelter- President
Dr. Mary Dougherty
Bill Michael
Jodie Altwine - Secretary
Grant Dummer

to update your board information, please contact the City of plainview.

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PO Box 757
Plainview, NE 68769-0757

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