The Band Shell Park located directly west of the Plainview Elementary Schools is aptly named after a band shell that was built during the great depression in the 1930’s. The facility is still used today with entertainment provided in the band shell for many community activities.

Band Shell Park

The Band Shell Park located directly west of the Plainview Elementary Schools is aptly named after a band shell that was built during the great depression in the 1930’s. The Workman’s Progress Administration (WPA) put up the acoustically designed band shell to give entertainers a place to showcase their talents with their vocals, band instruments, etc. The tradition continues today with entertainment provided in the band shell for many community activities. The seating area has been converted to a basketball court that has four hoops for our youth to use throughout fair weather. It is not uncommon to see youth playing basketball on these courts well into the evening hours during the summer. The park is also equipped with playground equipment and cooperates with the public schools to allow the youth to use both the school and the public equipment. Another amenity that the Band Shell Park provides is a first class Frisbee golf course which has nine holes. It is currently listed in many Frisbee enthusiast magazines as a must see. Picnicking is also a favorite in the Band Shell Park with a shelter house and picnic tables available for gatherings. The shelter is fully equipped with electricity and lighting. Several new trees have been planted in the park over the past decade to complement the existing trees that provide shade and shelter for all who use the park. Also located in the Band Shell Park area are the Boy Scout house and the Girl Scout house. Last but not least, there is a full scale sand volleyball pit and has been used for sand volleyball tournaments over the years.

Chilvers Park

Chilvers Park is located in Plainview next to Highway 20. It was aptly named after one of the original settlers of Plainview who donated the land for the park area. This park offers a wide variety of amenities to enjoy including two picnic shelters that are fully equipped with power and lighting. There are four horseshoe pits and a shuffleboard area to use and there is plenty of playground equipment that gets updated every year. The tennis courts located in the center of the park were given an update in 2022 thanks to donations from the LENRD and Plainview Brunswick Community Foundation. The court now allows for tennis, pickleball, four square and basketball. Located in Chilvers Park is the Plainview Public Swimming Pool which was built in 2003-2004 and entertains swimmers every summer. For more information on the swimming pool go to the link for the pool and learn more about what they offer. A sidewalk runs through the park and provides walkers and bikers plenty of room to travel through the park. Newer benches have been added to the park to give patrons a chance to sit and relax. There are plenty of beautiful flowers and trees to make this park a favorite not only for Plainview citizens but for many who travel through Plainview looking for a way to enjoy the community. Located within the park are four fully equipped camper pads that the city offers for free for a limited three-day stay. This park has been used  by many people throughout the country who have passed through looking for a place to put their camper and stay overnight. This is also one of the favorites of bicyclists who use Highway #20 on their route.

Baseball and Softball Complex

Plainview also provides the youth of the community with baseball and softball fields that are always in use throughout the year. Pride Field is home to the American Legion team and has hosted the state tournament in the past. Two softball fields provide plenty of opportunities for both youth softball and youth baseball to flourish in Plainview while providing room for area soccer teams as well. During football season for the schools, the extra area is used for practice fields to prep the Pirates for each Friday night during the fall. During the spring, the school will use the city fields for their shot put and discus arena. The fields have two concession stands that are both completely furnished with bathroom facilities and kitchens. The fields are located directly north of the High school track and football facilities. Cooperation between the school system and the city has always been the goal for both to provide quality access to athletic opportunities.

Plainview Country Club

Located four miles west of Plainview is the Plainview Country Club. This nine hole golf course is the pride of the local golfers. A beautiful mature course with several trees, it provides a challenge to many golfers while allowing the beginner a chance to play competitively as well. It is a par 36 hole course with hole #9 rated as one of the toughest par #3’s in the country. A beautiful mix of local native grasses as well as a manicured set of greens, Plainview Country Club offers something for all ranges of golfers. In addition to the golfing, there is a picnic shelter and a clubhouse available for rent for family affairs. Several graduation and wedding parties are held out at the Country Club and is a favorite for their weekly women and men’s golfing nights. Plainview Public Schools use the facilities for their high school golf meets and practice. Whether it is fishing on the pond, camping in the park or golfing nine holes, there is something for everyone at Plainview Country Club.

Nebraska 13/20

Located downtown in Plainview is a 6 lane bowling alley called Nebraska 13/20. Leagues regularly use the lanes during the week while youth and open bowling dominate Friday through Sunday. Bowling has become a passion for many and high school bowling forms teams each year to compete state-wide. Since 2003 Plainview has secured two state championships in Class C and Class D. They have also had runner-up titles six separate times in both boys and girls competition. The Plainview High School girls bowling team were crowned State Champions in 2017 in Class D. Randy and Kim Dee are the owners of Nebraska 13/20.

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